Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pedestrian Rights

Virtually every time I drive in the city, I see some pedestrian marching blindly out into traffic.  Their obliviousness is one of several types:

1. Distraction -- staring down at phone/tablet/device;
2. Air-headedness -- they seem to think they're at the mall, and really don't seem to realize they're about to amble into a lane of speeding multi-ton vehicles;
3. Dementia/schizophrenia/drugs -- they don't know they're on planet earth, let alone near traffic;
4. Probably the most annoying: a stubborn political insistence on "pedestrian rights."  You know they type: "I have the right to cross the street at the crosswalk, and cars have to give way to me, so I'm going to insist on that right, and not bother to exercise any caution, and won't even bother to look at oncoming traffic because that would imply I'm not secure in my own rights, so I'll just march out and (*SMASH*) AGHGHCKCK!!!!"

"....Well, the knowledge that I had the right of way makes this full-body cast so much more enjoyable."
YouTube is FULL of these.

The most grim ones comes from Russia, for some reason.

My own experience this very morning:


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  2. O.k., but seriously. I'm cool with stopping for pedestrians waiting to cross the street. The more pressing problem for me are the San Francisco drivers behind me that view such etiquette as "weakness" or an affront to their right to get to their destination as fast as they can. If I stop for a pedestrian too quickly I run the risk of getting rear-ended. Often I'm the recipient of car-horns and at a minimum I'll get incredulous stares seen from my rear-view mirror as in "you are so dumb to be stopping--you know you really didn't have to do that."

  3. Cars are wheelchairs. Pedestrians whould be more considerate of the "differently-abled".