Thursday, July 17, 2014

Battling Hyatt

I've been a Hyatt member since the 80's. I got a free room, so back in March we went to the Andaz in Napa, a high-end Hyatt property typically like $400 a night.  
 Horrible experience; the people in the next room had a drunken fight, the cops came, etc.  I wouldn't have minded so much but the family was with me.  Fortunately daughter snoozed soundly through the whole thing, bless her heart.

Anyway the next morning I spoke to the manager, he was sympathetic and said they would comp me some points so we could try again, etc.

By mid-April I hadn't heard back so I emailed him.  Never got a response.  So I just drafted a 2-page paper letter to Hyatt, complete with cc's and attachments.  Let's see what happens now.

  • Even very expensive hotels still get scumbags and sociopaths.
  • Corporations hide their physical/snail-mail addresses, directing you to "response forms" and limiting your comments to a few dozen characters.  As it was I couldn't find an address for Hyatt Corporate Management; I had to send my letter to the Points Program in Omaha.
  • Keep records.
  • What do I expect, going to Napa, where all entertainment revolves around getting drunk?  Bad choice.

Postscript 8/12/14 -- Hyatt HQ got back to me with a gracious apology and a load of points, so thanks to them.

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