Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Letter to Senators Feinstein & Harris

Congress has cravenly abdicated responsibility in pursuing even the most benign gun safety legislation, offering instead "prayers" over the daily production of dead bodies.  Since "prayer" is the only accepted solution for gun control, I recommend a protest bill mandating daily anti-murder prayer for all Americans.  Something along the lines of :

"Daily at noon, all US citizens will spend 15 minutes calling upon one or more divine beings to prevent unfit people from purchasing weapons, or alternatively, to "save us" from murder by semi-automatic and automatic weapons exceeding .22 caliber, and containing magazines with a capacity greater than 7 cartridges.  Prayers must be conducted in an earnest, forthright and unequivocal manner."

You'll probably encounter some objection from the church-state separationist crowd; this will be easily defeated by accusing them of "hating Jesus."

Clearly it's not possible to control guns through any earthly or human effort.  We must then marshal the spiritual resources of our population to call then upon the heavenly forces to resolve this wicked problem.  Thank you.

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