Friday, June 22, 2018

Chinese Tariffs

The US has issued a 40-some page list of Chinese tariff items.  It targets all kinds of stuff, including medical, automotive, aircraft, transport equipment, lots of machinery, ag and industrial equipment, all kinds of metals, appliances and parts, electronics .... full list:

The level of detail is excruciating.  Also the randomness of detail -- for example, there are separate categories for various types of parts within a trash compactor (cabinet, ram, frame,container...) yet only one category for "Vessels, designed for the transport of goods, tankers."

Some of the quirkier items:

  • Industrial machinery, plant or equip. for the treat. of mat., involving a change in temp., for molten-salt-cooled acrylic acid reactors
  • Aluminum, foil, w/thickness n/o 0.2 mm, backed, covered or decorated with a character, design, fancy effect or pattern 
  • Bed plates, roll bars and other stock-treating parts of machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic materials
  • Sewing machines, other than automatic, specially designed to join footwear soles to uppers
  • Caps, lids, seals, stoppers and other closures, of noncellular vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber
  • Honing or lapping machines for working metal or cermets, other than numerically controlled
  • Parts of trash compactors, ram assemblies
  • Parts for bookbinding machinery, including book-sewing machines
  • Bombs, grenades, torpedoes, mines, missiles and similar munitions of war and pts thereof; other ammunition projectiles & pts. thereof
  • Bakery ovens, including biscuit ovens
  • Cassette players (non-recording)
  • Klystron tubes
  • Flight data recorders
  • Balloons, dirigibles and non-powered aircraft, gliders and hang gliders
  • Artificial teeth and parts and accessories thereof, of plastics 
  • Vessels, designed for the transport of goods, tankers
  • Root or tuber harvesting machines

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